Your Visit

Our study is carried out in the Schofield Cognition Lab in Loughborough University. The study will take place in our brand new Toddler Lab, specially designed for children to take part in studies at the university. This is what you can expect from your visit.

Waiting Area

Our waiting area.

This is our waiting area where we have a wide variety of toys for your child to play with before the study begins and during our short break.

Siblings are also welcome to come along too and play with the toys above.



An adult perspective of our model farm.

This is our model farm where you can play with your child and settle in before our activities.


A child’s perspective of our model farm.


frogs and boats

Frogs in a boat.

These frogs are going to a party in this house and your child needs to help them in one of our activities.


cat and dog

Mr Cat and Mr Dog.

Here is Mr Cat and Mr Dog who are involved in another one of our activities.


counters and train

These are some of the other resources that are used during our study: the counter game and Billy the Train.